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3 Steps to Take to Ensure a Photo & Video-Friendly Wedding


Take Note of the Lighting

This applies to both the ceremony and the reception. For the most part, because the cameras we use perform great in low-light situations, it’s not too often that we’ll need to modify the lighting at your venue. If however, it’s an unusually dark room, we may find it necessary to bring lights and prop them up in the corners of the room in order to shed enough light on the main action.

Typically our goal here is to have adequate and quality lighting on the person or persons giving toasts, as well as your first dance. The lights we use are 100% safe, very small, and stay well out of the way of your guests.

We’re trying to both create an amazing shot, and also remain unobtrusive as best as possible.

Lasso Your Guests’ Cameras

Honestly, it’s pretty easy for your guests to ruin our shots. Almost everyone there is going to have their iPhone in a gun holster ready to whip it out for a quick snap. Pretty much every wedding we film we’re fighting against guests jumping in front of our angles.

There is something you can do for us though. Prior to the ceremony’s start, we recommend having your officiant make a quick announcement asking people to respect the photographer and videographer’s presence by not leaning out into the aisle with their camera during the ceremony.

Ask them instead to sit back and enjoy the wedding!

Perfect the Schedule

This might be the most important of the bunch.

Your schedule is the backbone of your wedding day. Make sure you schedule enough time for both the photos, and the video you want. We make an extended effort to work with our couples, their planners, and their photographers in making sure there’s enough time to get the shots we’re hoping to get.

In total, it takes us about 10-15 minutes to gather these shots. Give us 20 minutes (please). Be safe, things will probably run late, you’ll be thankful later if something does cause a delay and suddenly a big chunk of time you devoted for photos disappears.

In summary, take note of the lighting in you venue and alert the videography team if you’re worried about it being too dark (especially if they’re from out of town), ask the guests to holster their cameras, and take time in putting together your schedule. These tips will make your film go a long way and allow us to get much more creative by spending more time on the actual shooting!