Brighter Lights Media


New USB Packaging & Deliverables

Recently Brighter Lights Media went through a massive re-brand from the top down. Logo, website, messaging, and packaging. We’re really excited and super impressed with how everything has come together. One of the main goals was to create a uniform look, feel, and overall experience of high quality and simplicity. Everything from our pricing layout to how we edit our wedding films has a very clean, crisp look to it. Scroll down to check out some of the things you can get when you hire Brighter Lights Media as your exclusive wedding cinematographer for your wedding!


Although most of our clients have moved over to the digital realm, we do still offer DVDs & Blu-rays for anyone who’d like something more physical to hang on to, or maybe send to a family member as a gift. We prefer the USB option because not only do you get the absolute best quality available, but you’re then free to make copies, easily transfer to your smartphone or tablet, and, most HDTVs will allow you to simply plug this right into the back and start watching right away!




In addition to what we’ve shown you here, we also like to include a couple extra surprise goodies with every delivery. Can’t show off everything, right!? We hope you like what you’ve seen, if you have any questions or would like to find out more about hiring us for your wedding, please visit the Contact section of our website. Have a great day!


Also, a quick special thanks to some of the great minds that helped us create the new look!

Logo // B!g Deal Branding
Web Design // Ace Goulet
Product Photography // Summer Street Photography
USB // Flashbay
Bag // HB Photo
Popcorn // Stop & Shop