Brighter Lights Media


Our Brand New Luxe USB Packaging

Each year as we approach our “off season,” the Brighter Lights Media team likes to reassess our product, trying to find new ways we can improve. Now that we’re delivering almost exclusively on USB thumb drives, we thought it was time to upgrade our packaging materials. All of our 2016 clients will now be receiving this beautiful, custom slide box to house your wedding film. These slide boxes are made with the highest quality materials, with a soft interior padding to carefully protect your memories. Scroll down to get a sneak peek at what you’ll be getting sent to your doorstep if you book with Brighter Lights Media.
Inside, you’ll see that we’ve also upgraded the USB thumb drive itself. This new design fits much better with our current branding, and frames our logo in the familiar square dimension you’re accustomed to seeing on our website. Additionally, the USB drive is retractable, and comes with a handy little hoop you can use to attach to a keychain in case you ever wanted to take it with you on the go.
We hope you like the new packaging we’ve invested in. Make sure to pick out a good spot on the shelf to proudly display your Brighter Lights Media wedding film so you have a good excuse to open this up when you have company over!