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Same Day Edit Wedding Video, Why You & Your Guests Will Love It

Same Day Edit
Technology and the overall wedding film industry has come along way in recent years, and there has been a steady rise in the interest of Same Day Edit films. For those of you who don’t know what these are, please take a look at some of our recent Same Day Edits. Essentially they’re a fully produced wedding trailer put together and edited for screening later during the reception! Stressful, yes. Totally worth it? Hell yes!

We were so grateful to have this feature as it was really one of the most talked about elements of our event during, and in the weeks after. We were really impressed in their ability to deliver same day footage to our guests of the same quality of the other work in their portfolio. Not to mention these guys did it all virtually in transit – since they had to split up and follow me & my wife across 3 different sites.Andrew Cruz


A New Angle For Your Guests

Your guests have only a limited scope of your wedding day once they arrive for the ceremony. Don’t forget all of the fun they’re missing out on as the groomsmen and bridesmaids get ready for the day’s festivities. What a way to share in that experience by letting them see and become present as you put on your wedding dress for the first time? Sometimes your guests may have a less-than-optimal view during the ceremony, now they have an opportunity to sit front row and become fully immersed as you exchange your vows at the altar.

Audio as a Storyline

Our Same Day Edits are a fully produced film, utilizing the same storytelling techniques we use in our standard wedding trailer format. The use of natural sound, audio of your vows, combined with an engaging soundtrack add an extra layer of emotion to your special evening.

We initially just wanted to do a video, but he [Christian] suggested we also do a Same Day Edit and I’m so glad we did! It played during our reception and everyone loved it! We also got to watch it immediately the next day and it gave us something to have right away while we waited for our photos and full-length video to be edited.Aubrey Luu


Online Viewing & Sharing

Having your wedding online and ready to share within 24 means that you now have the ability to share the day with anyone who couldn’t attend! Almost like a wedding DVR for your far away guests. Here’s an example of what the blog post looked like from Drew + Courtney Cruz’ Same Day Edit.

Less Expensive Alternatives

We offer the Same Day Edit as an add-on item and as a standalone package, but now we also offer two varieties! Having two options to choose from allows us to offer our couples an inexpensive alternative to showcase these memories. Our alternate Same Day Edit is of equal length as the traditional, the only difference is that we cut it together with no sound. The benefit is that you can have your video much sooner into the reception, and it plays on a continuous loop for the duration of the night! Your guests can make their way to the viewing area at their own leisure or perhaps on the way to the bar for another drink. If you’re curious as to the differences, we’ve embedded the two different Same Day Edit films we offer just below, have a look!

Same Day Edit Option 1:



Same Day Edit Option 2:



Real Client Reviews

Our couples have all been blown away by the Same Day Edit experience. Most of them have never seen anything like it. Having a photo montage prepared later in the night is one thing, but it’s a whole different ball park to have a beautifully crafted video of your wedding ready to show in just a few short hours.

My husband and I were thrilled to see the Same-Day-Edit / Highlights video on our wedding day. Christian and I had discussed this at our first meeting and even coordinated a projector/screen rental to have it played for the first time in front of our family and friends at the reception. Everyone was very impressed with how awesome the video came out. Christian’s team was able to capture the highlights of the Chinese tea ceremonies and the American ceremony, cut, and edit all of the film into a short highlights film (with coordinating music!) by mid-reception! Our hearts melted at seeing how Christian’s team was able to share the story of the morning/afternoon’s events in such a well crafted video.Lisa Wong



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