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San Diego Destination Wedding with Victoria Weddings & Events

This wedding sure has us California dreaming. Vanessa & Ryan had a picture perfect wedding in La Jolla, CA at the beautiful Scripps Seaside Forum. Their ceremony overlooked the Pacific Ocean as the sun began to set, with all of their closest family & friends. They both live and work in New York City currently,... read more

Summer Beach Wedding at Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla, CA

What we have here people, is just a microscopic peek at the amazing destination wedding that Ryan & Vanessa threw for their friends and family out west from earlier this summer. People gathered at the breathtaking Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla, California. There was so much to show here in so little time, from... read more

Vibrant Destination Wedding at Chateau Cocomar in Houston, TX

Jason & Lan have been together for just about 6 years, and have been anticipating this day for pretty much that entire time. The Chateau Cocomar in Houston, TX was the fairytale wedding venue they’ve had in their dreams. It’s really the kind of venue that screams style, sophistication, and luxury. The grounds are vast,... read more

San Diego Garden Wedding at Twin Oaks House

I think Chris & Natalie may be one of the goofiest, offbeat, yet adorably and most insanely in love couple I’ve ever been around. They have the type of friends who’d have their backs no matter what, who they can share anything with, and who’d travel across the country to hang with at their wedding.... read more

Cambodian Destination Wedding Adventure

This “wedding” was a bit of a departure from our typical weekend event in and around Boston. I put wedding in quotes because this ten day period was so much more than that, despite the fact that this was by far the biggest wedding we’d ever seen. Leading up to the 2-day traditional Cambodian ceremony,... read more

Hotel Sofitel Phnom Penh Destination Wedding Film in Southeast Asia

CAMBODIA!! When Matt & Ratavy asked us to be their destination wedding videographer for their Cambodian wedding ceremony, obviously immediately we jumped. Not only because it was an incredible opportunity to see this part of the world… but more so because of what we knew about these two. Matt & Ratavy are two of the... read more

Vero Beach Destination Wedding at John’s Island Club in Florida

“She’s a keeper of friends…” such a perfect way to describe not just Sarah, but John as well. Their network of friends is so strong that they flew from all parts of the world to be there for their wedding in Vero Beach, FL. The day before the wedding was a barbecue rehearsal dinner followed... read more