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Why You DON’T Want Raw Footage From Your Videographer

This is a very common question amongst brides and grooms these days, especially now that computers and technology have advanced to the point where cutting together home movies in iMovie is a relative breeze. One could request raw footage of their wedding for a multitude of reasons, but few understand exactly what raw footage actually is. Most of the time it’s such a hassle, it never even ends up being seen.

Storage Space

The first caveat has to do with the storage space that the raw footage takes up. For us, an average wedding clocks in somewhere between 100-150GB. For most home computers and laptops, this is too large to save on your computer among all your other applications, music, and photos we save, so it becomes necessary to purchase an external hard drive to store the files.

Hundreds of Files

Raw footage is not easy to watch. It’s not something that can be burned to a DVD and watched on your television. Nowadays all videographers shoot on digital media, which means every time we start and stop recording, a new video file is created. Now imagine how many times we do this throughout the entire 10-12 hour wedding day, not to mention that most of us are using 2-3 cameras for each wedding! What you end up with is hundreds of 10-60 second clips which we must then sort, color correct imperfections, and then ultimately piece together to create a story. Who has the time to sift through and double-click, watch for a few seconds, close, double-click, watch, close, hundreds of times?

Our Solution

We do still offer raw footage for those who really want it, however we do provide something a step above. Our Documentary Edits run anywhere from 1-2 hours in length, and are an easy way to watch all of the raw footage from the day without the hassle of scrub through video clips all night. This extra content is ready-to-watch, and included with every one of our wedding videography packages.
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