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New USB Packaging & Deliverables

Recently Brighter Lights Media went through a massive re-brand from the top down. Logo, website, messaging, and packaging. We’re really excited and super impressed with how everything has come together. One of the main goals was to create a uniform look, feel, and overall experience of high quality and simplicity. Everything from our pricing layout... read more

Ken + Selena // Chic Downtown Boston Wedding at the Mandarin Oriental

Ken + Selena are two very driven, and talented individuals. They met while attending Babson college, have since taken to the startup culture in San Francisco. What Derek, the best man, is making reference to in his speech his Ken’s business that involves sending health treats to your door as a monthly service. We love... read more

Matt + Ratavy // Romantic Coastal Wedding Film at Wychmere Beach Club

This one you just have to watch. So go ahead and click play, now! BUT, if you were curious in reading a little more about Matt + Ratavy, I suppose I could oblige. These two met just about 4 years ago at a bar in the city, and as the story goes (as narrated by... read more

Brian + Julia // Handmade “Storybook” Themed Wedding at the Taj Boston

From the centerpieces to the invitations, this bride was one busy lady having not only designed a logo for the wedding but spending well over a year hand picking every single centerpiece and details throughout the day! Julia really wanted to capture the essence of a storybook themed wedding and we think she did just... read more

Patrick + Jodi // New England’s First 4k UHD Wedding Film at Searles Castle

When Jodi first called us up looking for a cinematographer for her wedding, we were no longer accepting any new clients for the year. After a little flattery and some nudging, she was able to convince us to change our minds, but not before deciding to have her wedding be the first of our official... read more

Frank + Kiera // Urban Chic Spring Wedding at the State Room in Boston

One of the first things that jumped out at us prior to booking these two smiley maniacs, was Kiera’s enthusiasm… for everything. She was genuinely attentive, passionate, and happy through all parts of any conversation we had. It was contagious. Her and Frank are a perfect compliment to each other, and despite the looming weather... read more

Wedding Professionals – “Experience in the Evolving Wedding Film Industry”

Want to hear how we do just what we do and how we do it? Christian was interviewed by Ben Consoli of the Go Creative show where he indulges in some behind the scenes details as well as discusses an upcoming 4K resolution wedding. Also on this episode is one of our idols Joe Simon... read more

Jeff + Ashley // Saratoga Hall of Springs Woodsy Winter Wedding

Jeff + Ashley are absolutely adorable together and these two Chicagoans were not phased one bit by an Upstate NY winter weather wedding and made the best of the conditions. This has been a day in the making for close to a decade and watching these two share their story in front of their family... read more

Eric + Rachel // a Wedding Feature

Behold, this is a perfect example of the kind of strong kind of storytelling we at Brighter Lights Media strive for with each wedding. We were able to spend the morning on the island and hit up different spots that were both special to Eric + Rachel, but also added an extra dimension to the... read more

Josh + Megan // a Wedding Feature

Typically we don’t publish a lot of our full Feature films, however this is just such a great story we felt the need to share it. This is an example of what one of our 20+ minute Features looks like, hope you enjoy! read more